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In addition to academic achievements, Our college has achieved excellence even in sports. The various awards won regularly by the college is proof of the consistency of the performance of our sports persons. Though Delhi University is yet to conduct some sports competitions , it has been confirmed that till now, the college is one of the top five colleges of the University with a consistent record of quality performance in sports. In this academic year the college achieved laurels in Athletics, Archery, Body Building, Powerlifting, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Judo, Throw Ball and boxing teams. Our college westling team regained Delh Univeristy Inter-college championship. The college has won the championship for the sixth time with three gold, four silver and one bronze medals.

The college Kabaddi team got runner-up position in Delhi University Inter-college championship. Our students also won a number of individual medals in athletics, bodybuilding, wrestling, Judo and Archery.

To boost mass participation in games and sports, the college organised open tournaments and Inter-Class sports competitions. Which was attended enthusiastically.

National Cadet Corp

Delhi Armd. Sqn. (Boys)

N.C.C. being the largest youth organisation of our country, has been entrusted with the task of providing training to students with a view to developing in them the quality of leadership, comradeship, character and spirit of service to the nation and society. The NCC units of our college like in many previous years, have been actively involved in several activites and have won laurels for the college & the unit. The main NCC activities for the session have been as follows :

1. Rock Climbing Training Camp (RCTC) – This camp was held at Kerala. S.U.O. Pawan Kumar Singh alongwith other cadets attended this camp and achieved distinction during this training camp.

2. Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) – 25 Cadets attended this camp. Cadet Santosh, Sgt. Ajit, Mahender, Monu & Naveen Dahiya etc. participated in this Camp.

3. Thal Sainik Camp (TSC) – In this camp cadets have to pass through rigorous training programme for being selected in the camp. Four of our cadets namely Monu Kumar, Umesh Kr. Singh, Sanjay Upadhyay & Amit Sehgal were selected finally for this camp.

4. National Integration Camp West Bengal (NIC) – It was held at Bengal in the month of Aug. Our 5 Cadets J.U.O. Pankaj, Rahul etc. Participated in this camp. It was organised at All India level to inculcate among the cadets a sense of unity, national integrity & secularism.

5. Drill & Firing Competition Inter G.P., BN. - Our unit achieved IInd Position in the drill competition held during this camp. J.U.O. Vinod Kumar achieved 1st Position in drill and J.U.O. Praveen was adjudged the best firer in this competition. Cadet Naveen Dahiya stood II in the firing competition.

6. Blood Donation – 100 cadets from our college donated blood in which shows that our cadets acquire not only military training and skill but also ahead in the social services.

7. Basic Leadership Camp (BLC) – It was held at Gujarat in the month of Oct. 2 Cadets Naveen Dahiya & Suraj Bhan Singh attended this camp.

8. Army Attachment – It was held in Delhi. 34 of our cadets mainly J.U.O. Om Veer, Cdt. Santosh, Kirpa Shanker & Raju etc. attended this camp.

10. P.M. Rally 2007 – In this camp our 35 cadets participated Sgt. Satender, Sanjay Upadhyay, Shakti Kishore Singh, Sunil, Parveen Kr. etc. attended this camp. Sgt. Varun Pratap Singh was the camp senior.

11. Republic Day Camp 2006-2007 – It was held at All India level. Cadets from all over India gathered at New Delhi to participate in this camp. This is the most prestigious and challenging camp for the NCC Cadets. Our cadets namely sgt. Rajan Singh was finally selected for this camp and cdt. T. Anil Vijay reached at the stage of pre-RDC-II for which they deserve all appreciation.

N.C.C. (Girls Wing)

The girls of our college have repeatedly proved that they do not lag behind the boys in any field. The Girls Wing of N.C.C. is a living testimony to this fact. The girl - cadets participated extensively in various compaigns and activities of NCC throughout the year. Some of the achievements of the Girls Wing of NCC are listed below :

1. Our Senior Under Officer, Kiran was adjudged the 'Best Cadet' at the Treckking Camp held in Punjab.

2. Our Junion Under Officer, Reetu Choudhary, Dimple, Preeti and Sarla proudly represented our college at the Thal Sainik Camp.

3. Junior Under Officer, Preeti successfully participated in the trackking comp held in Sikking.

4. Corporal Arti Rajput, Cadet Deepa, Sergent Savita Maurya and Cadet Sangeeta displayed exemplary courage by participating in an adventurous comp such as slithering. Corporal Arti and Cadet Deepa also participated in the Prime Minister's Rally.

5. J.U.O. Dimple, J.U.O. Reetu Choudhary, Sgt. Savita Maurya and Cpl. Deepika Chopra attended the Basic Leadership camp (BLC).

6. Sgt. Meenakshi and Cpl. Hemlata participated in the adventurous Para-sailing compaign. Sgt. Meenakshi attended the Prime Minister's Rally also.

7. Cadet Kavita won the first prize and Cadet Renu won II Prize in the race organised on the occasion of NCC Day.

9. It is a matter of great pride for the college that as many as 30 girl cadets enthusiastically participated in the Prime Minister's Rally under the leadership of J.U.O. Reetu Choudhary.